This book will teach you everything you need to know about building video games with the libgote. I'll try to add information about the various aspects of the library and how you can link them together to make a complete video game.

Refer to the API documentation for an in-depth detail of all the functions provided by the library.

Building from source

Cloning the repository

Using SSH

Make sure your SSH key is linked to your GitHub account.

git clone


git clone

Building libgote

Just navigate in the root directory of the repository and call make:

cd libgote

If you want to build it with debug flag (-g3), add DEBUG=1 to the make command:

make DEBUG=1

Generating the documentation

The library documentation is generated using Doxygen. A online version is available here.

First, make sure the ./target directory exists at the root of the repository. It is automatically created when building the library, but you can also use mkdir.